TechCrunch Disrupt 2010

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In one word: Inspiring

TechCrunch Disrupt 2010 was pretty good timing for me. My startup has been changing directions over the past few weeks and it was time to take a step back and see what everyone else has been working on for a few days. The event definitely gave me some valuable perspective. After talking to a few dozen people I began to see where I personally fit into the ecosystem. There were dozens of exhibitors and I probably talked to more than half of them. The quality ranged from laughable to quite impressive.

The few startups that stood out to me:

6rounds is a really cool video chat platform that allows users to play games, watch youtube videos together, and more. Looking forward to speaking with Dany Fishel (Founder & CEO) about a potential partnership with my startup.

One’s new features include aggregating and attributing comments around the web to points in time in videos. They are also linking live (and non-live) TV with webpages. This among other things could seriously improve TV news.

There were a few other good looking startups, but the ones I listed above I think could really take off.

At first I wasn’t sure how good the event would be for me. I didn’t really know anyone else going and you could say my networking skills as an introvert are below average. Fortunately, my good friend Alex Debelov from Babson came down last minute and we had a great time working the event to meet some of the top players.

Highlights from the event:

  • I met another entrepreneur originally from my very small (1sq mile) town in New Jersey.
  • I met Matt Coffin, a Babson alum who founded and sold it for $330m. Now he’s very active angel investor.
  • I received feedback from several VC and Angel investors, including Wesley Chan from Google Ventures. Although Wesley didn’t ‘get’ my pitch during the VC speed dating event, he was cool enough to continue the discussion at the after-party over drinks.
  • I also met many of the staff from TechCrunch, including their CEO Heather Harde, who desperately needed my advice on which shoes to wear to the after party. The black ones were the obvious choice.
  • And last but far from least, I welcomed Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) to the event Wednesday morning. I even had the opportunity get his thoughts on my startup’s new direction.  The best part was that his feedback was the final thumbs up I needed to hit the ground running.
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