Idea Management for Entrepreneurs

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1. Record Every Idea

Don’t just think about it and keep it in your head.
No matter what idea you have, WRITE or TYPE it down immediately.
Get it recorded before you lose it in your chemical thunderstorm of a brain. Focus on the main concept. Once it’s down, feel free to continue adding to it with related ideas, more details, possibilities, questions, and next steps. Run with the energy.

Make sure you can record ideas anywhere you are and synchronize your notes on them. Personally I use Evernote which synchronizes notes across my cell phone, laptop, and desktop computer.
The objective is to turn this process into a useful habit that will effectively and efficiently manage ALL of your ideas.

2. Revisit Ideas Later

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Redesigning Education

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Babson Olin WellesleyIn the fall of 2009, my school, Babson College, joined forces with Olin College (Engineering) and Wellesley College (Liberal Arts) in a Tri-College Partnership. One outcome of the partnership has been fast paced winter-session programs, lasting only about two weeks, where students self-organize and work on a specific challenge.

Last winter’s program centered on Charter Cities, essentially designing a city from scratch. This year’s winter program focused on redesigning education & pedagogy.

As a mostly self-taught entrepreneur, I have strong passion about the education process and was excited to participate in this winter’s program. Although I had prepared a variety of ideas and notes beforehand, the limitations of the two weeks still challenged myself and others.

Most of the time was spent getting to know the other eleven students across the different schools. This was very valuable in determining what worked best in education for people in general, as well as what would work best in terms of implementing ideas in the local Tri-College environment.

Overall, we concluded we all had one common goal: Adaptive Expertise

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