Skyfall Promotional Remix

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So Friday morning, after my daily run, I checked my daily websites and found an awesome promotional video for Skyfall on reddit. I immediately shared it on twitter with the comment that I should remix it to be more dramatic.

Only1noah did a cover of Adele’s Skyfall song shortly after it got leaked/released and I actually liked his version better. I’ve been inspired by so many musicians on YouTube lately (X-Factor too), I had to do something. It was Friday after all, so I figured I deserved a break from my startup work.

I knew Only1noah’s cover would be the perfect fit for this remix, but I didn’t know how awesome it would be until I started editing the Official Skyfall Trailer for the remainder of the song. Enjoy!

I saw the ‘silly/fun’ look Coke Zero was going for, but if they had done some more close ups and slow-mo’s it could have been more dramatic, rather than seeming silly at parts. I guess drama/suspense/thriller is more my style and that’s why I made the remix above.

Several redditors point out the Coke Zero video was likely all done with actors, but so what? I’m sorry it wasn’t authentic enough for you. But consider how poor the camera work and timing would be with random people and it would have also cost several times more to get enough good shots.

I don’t know what Coke’s budget was, but it seems like they were pretty effective; the video got close to a million views in the first day!