Idea Management for Entrepreneurs

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1. Record Every Idea

Don’t just think about it and keep it in your head.
No matter what idea you have, WRITE or TYPE it down immediately.
Get it recorded before you lose it in your chemical thunderstorm of a brain. Focus on the main concept. Once it’s down, feel free to continue adding to it with related ideas, more details, possibilities, questions, and next steps. Run with the energy.

Make sure you can record ideas anywhere you are and synchronize your notes on them. Personally I use Evernote which synchronizes notes across my cell phone, laptop, and desktop computer.
The objective is to turn this process into a useful habit that will effectively and efficiently manage ALL of your ideas.

2. Revisit Ideas Later

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My GoDaddy TV Commercial

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Entrepreneurship is all about taking initiative. After deciding my last startup’s wasn’t something I was truly passionate about, I wanted to start working on something new right away.

Completely by chance, one day I visited to check if a domain name was available and I noticed a small banner at the bottom of their website talking about a video contest. Apparently, GoDaddy crowdsourced TV commercials earlier in the spring by running a contest with huge cash prizes.

GoDaddy’s latest contest had 3x as much cash ($600K total) and a small twist. You had to make a 25 second TV commercial that would compel a viewer to visit their website to watch another minute or so of the video. It’s a great marketing strategy that has been deployed by other major companies.

GoDaddy announced the contest at the end of July and set the deadline as September 30th. Unfortunately, I was a little late to the game and only found out about it mid-August, and got serious about it near the end of August.

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